Artisanal chocolate spreads Eukarya

Chocolate spreads are an indulgence that invites us to enter a world of gastronomic pleasure. The smooth texture and intense flavour of artisanal chocolate creams are a real treat for the senses. Whether spread on a slice of bread, on a plate of fruit, or to top off a dish or dessert, each spoonful is a moment of pure pleasure. From classic varieties to the most innovative options, at Eukarya we offer chocolate cream with hazelnuts and hazelnut and caramel spread.

Lluc Crusellas, World Chocolate Masters 

A challenge: to become the world’s best master chocolatier. Paris, three days of competition and six tests to overcome. Nerves, excitement, and a lot of desire. The World Chocolate Masters (WCM) is the premier global competition in the chocolate sector. And Lluc Crusellas is the winner of 2022; a year earlier, he had won the World Chocolate Masters Spain. A dream come true that has continued with the creation of his chocolate brand: EUKARYA, Lluc Crusellas’ chocolate, through which he offers us a tasting of artisanal chocolate products such as spreadable creams characterized by their high percentage of hazelnuts.

Eukarya, Lluc Crusellas’ chocolate 

Eukarya charms, captivates, enthralls, and makes every bite surprising. And why is that? It’s because of the selection of cocoa beans from different origins and the blend between them, essential to achieve high-quality chocolate with a balanced flavor that awakens all the senses. Whether you prefer bitter, smoother, stronger, milk, or sweet chocolate, Lluc Crusellas’ chocolate is designed for every moment and every palate. Lluc Crusellas’ chocolate shop and workshop are located in Vic, Barcelona. Visit and discover the artisanal chocolate-making process and enjoy a chocolate tasting.